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Fight with scratches with your own hands

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Very often, car owners have unpleasant dents and scratches on a car, which no one likes. Everyone already knows that anyone, even Sama is not a difficult car repair is expensive. And in order not to give your hard -earned money for repairs, you can do this on your own. If wet scratches appear on the wing or door, then it is not necessary to go to the car repair shop, in this case you can do everything yourself. To do this, you need to buy an abrasive polish, it is sold in any car shop, apply it to a rough rag and erase scratches in a circular movement. In this case, the abrasive polish removes the damaged section of the paint and connects all the layers with each other in one color. It’s not difficult, but there is savings. In other cases, it happens that the scratches are deep, but not enough to get to the primer. In such cases, the same abrasive polish is needed, but only a special grinding machine will already be required. The principle is the same, we apply a polish on the machine and carefully smear. And in cases where the metal is visible, then here it will have to be dilapidated. In order to do not corrode, it must first be treated with phosphate alkaline solution. And only after that apply a primer to the damaged area. Recently, acrylic primers are in demand. They most effectively prevent corrosion. You are interested ? We will deliver your cargo anywhere! Reliable and fast work. We are waiting for you on the site

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