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Types of metal cutting

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Metal cutting is a complex process in which workpieces from the rental are obtained during the separation of parts of the metal. Metal cutting is carried out using special equipment by melting, heating or mechanically.

Such a parameter as the speed of cutting the metal is determined by the thickness of the material, the diameter of the tip of the burner on cutting equipment and the skill of the specialist himself, who cuts. Where the speed, performance and optimization of work costs are important, gas cutting of metal is used.

The following types of harsh are currently known:


The main this principle is the use of mechanical tools (knives and scissors for metal). The cutting process by the method of guillotine is to place the metal sheet on the work surface of the machine and its reliable fixation. This method ensures the receipt of the almost perfect edge of the metal sheet: without burrs and zazubin.

Ribbon-pile cutting.

In this method for cutting a metal sheet, a tape saw stretched on pulley is used as a cutting tool. With tape-pile cutting, the cut site almost does not require additional processing, since it very accurately corresponds to all the specified parameters. The width of the cut during strip-saw cutting is approximately one and a half centimeter.

Gas acid cutting.

Gas acid cutting is currently one of the most common types of metal cutting. The thing is that this method provides high performance. Heated metal is cut using oxygen, at the same time, oxides formed during cutting are removed during the cutting. In this case, the neighboring areas of metal are heated by the heat of combustion.

Plasma cutting.

This type of cutting of metal sheets is carried out using a very strong melting of metal along the entire cut line. Cutting is carried out using a compressed electric arc, and the plasma flow removes excess liquid metal.

Laser cutting.

Laser cutting is considered the most modern way, the principle of which is the powerful effect of the laser on the metal sheet. During laser cutting, a very small cut width is obtained, while the excellent quality of the metal surface is achieved and even without burrs of the edge.

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