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Officials may be deprived of personal transport

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The proposal of Mikhail Abyzov, holding the post of Minister of the Russian Federation on Open Government issues, on the deprivation of the right to use cars by officials, the company was perceived with a bang. About such an initiative of the official, reported by his press service.

According to Mikhail Abyzov, the country needs to completely abandon such an article of expenses in the state budget as the acquisition of new cars for personal use of officials at all levels, in addition, they were proposed to make changes to the logic of accruing their wages.

Monetization of all benefits and the termination of financing the costs of maintaining an official will help to strengthen control over real expenses, which will be able to save public funds as a result and block the very possibility of corruption schemes in this area.

At the moment, an initiative is being prepared by the All -Russian Popular Front, on the adoption of restrictions on the cost of cars used by officials. The set borders should not exceed 1.3 million rubles. Not much before, such proposals were put forward by oppositionist Alexei Navalny, but his bar was slightly higher than 1.5 million rubles.

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