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What city does Elon Musk want to build in Texas?

by marusia

One of the richest people on the planet Elon Musk decided to build a city for his employees, writes The Wall Street Journal.
To this end, he purchased a plot of land of several thousand acres near the Colorado River in Texas.

In a conversation with realtors and former owners of the purchased land, Musk spoke about plans to realize his version of Silicon Valley – to build a city where employees of his high-tech enterprises can live and work comfortably.

According to the 360 TV channel, on the site of the city with the working name Snailbrook, a swimming pool, modular houses, an open sports ground and a gym have already been erected, and the buildings of Boring and SpaceX companies have begun to be built.

According to American law, at least 201 people must live in it to register a new city.

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