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PEUGEOT 508 salon

by texasnews

15 June, 2012 | 18:40

No bright spots. Dominate grayish, almost Teutonic, tones. The class is felt primarily in choosing materials for the top of the front panel and the central console. Good controls, door panels, the front panel and deflectors look good. It can be seen that the client really wanted to offer the client. Of course, not everything is impeccable. For example, the steering column blocking lever is clung to too small in the compartment, where the controls of the Head-Up Display system are placed, the wiring is visible, and the overall lights are provided only in the front doors. In the reserve of space in the front cabin – a real first class and even over your head, more than enough. Access to the rear row is convenient, two can travel there in complete comfort, without touching the knees of the front back. The third passenger has a little space, and right in front of him is a massive control panel of a four-zone climate control. Well, and the trunk? Quite “family”: on measurements it turned out 440 liters, no less than that of competitors. It is correct, deep enough, with two -layer soundproofing. If you have to carry something bulky, you can fold the backs. We offer high -quality batteries for laptops with delivery in Moscow and all of Russia as soon as possible. You can buy in the online store. Look at the site

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