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Subaru Viziv on an auto exhibition in Geneva

by texasnews

Subaru was not spent on a gorgeous stand for showing its conceptual Subaru Viziv crossover on the Geneva auto exhibition, which was designed for the 34th anniversary of the company in the European market.

Subaru Viziv is a crossover, because everything that Subaru does, except BRZ, can be called a crossover that can be seen on the website of the Lipetsk car ads. But more interesting – VIZIV is a diesel hybrid with an opposition engine. Subaru claims that this is the first in the world. You can buy Porsche with an opposition engine. You can buy Porsche with a diesel engine. You can also buy Porsche with a hybrid transmission. But you cannot buy a hybrid Porsche with a diesel opposition engine. Of course, you can’t buy a hybrid Subaru with such an engine at the moment, but if Viziv finds its own way and enters serial production, this will become feasible.

Nevertheless, the Viziv hybrid crossover with a diesel opposition engine is already shown now. He has an idiotic double door, which may look beautiful on this concept, but in fact it is very not practical and three electric motors – one is installed in the front and two in the back. Perhaps later we will have more information about this concept, but now Subaru representatives are still silent about the characteristics and possibilities of serial production. Fuel consumption figures were not voiced, but we believe that the numbers will be quite low, like most hybrids with a diesel engine.

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