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SUV Lux class – Lexus LX 570

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Luxus LX 570 luxury crossover appeared even 2012. The exterior of an eight -seater all -wheel drive frame SUV captivates with its brutality. Among the advantages of the LX 570, not only the update of the reflector and the increase in the dimensions, but also the presence of an electro -hydraulic suspension in it, capable of extinguishing the cranes of the body and the CRAWL Control system, which provides a car on complex surfaces low speed.

In addition, the LX 570 has a multi -navigable braking system, which allows reducing the braking distance on impassability, as well as a technology that facilitates parking. The new SUV is equipped with a V8 gasoline engine (5.7 l, 381 liters. With., 6- high-speed automatic box) with a control system, which guarantees its normal operation and moderation of fuel consumption, reducing the amount of ejection into the atmosphere of harmful substances.

Manufacturers took care of safety, which is provided by 10 pillows for the driver and passengers, safety curtains, active head restraints, seat belts and a system that controls the pressure in the tires. Stay in the Lexus LX 570 salon gives a constant feeling of space and freedom, splendor and luxury. At the wheel of a restyled powerful and roomy SUV, everyone will be able to feel their power over time and space.

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Lexus Lexus LX 570

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