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Technique of kisses

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How to learn how to kiss a suck? A kiss is an intimate moment in the relationship of a man and a woman and at the same time intriguing, attractive, bewitching.

A kiss is already a supership to the history of a kiss, and no less intriguing. There is no absolute training technique for such kisses, but in the process of numerous “training”, undoubtedly, perfection can be achieved in this art, especially if learning occurs with a loved one.

For most partners, especially young ones, this is the most common type of kiss. But he still raises questions. A kiss with a language is a contact of the languages ​​of partners, and in how this should happen, there are no special instructions.

Only practice proves that a guy usually begins, sometimes both languages ​​are active in a kiss, sometimes one. You can undertake the following: imagine that a man’s mouth is your mouth, and take a chance to manipulate there with your tongue in the same way as in your mouth. You can walk on your partner’s teeth, touch the sky, just remember that you don’t need to do something that could not like it and you. If you felt that your partner does not like it, interrupt the kiss.

It is important that there is any highlight that could arouse an increased interest of a partner in your person, for example, perfumes of the eccentric molecule 01 that can exude only your individual aroma, or the aroma of lipstick, for example, with light fruit notes. And most importantly – discard the constraint. Try to contact your partner’s language and imagine how you connect with him into a single whole, play the tip of the tongue, breaking through a partner to this. The technique of kissing a sucking kiss is quite simple, but at the same time it is extremely individual, since each of the partners can experience different feelings during a kiss. Someone will like one in a kiss, someone-another.

For example, the suction of the partner’s tongue gives him most often great pleasure.

And even better, when both partners work in languages ​​at the same time, then there is a feeling of infinity of the kiss and you are covered by the desire not to interrupt this kiss.

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