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Than the summer tours to Copenhagen are good?

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A trip to Northern Europe in the summer can be no less pleasant than a trip to South, where it is very hot at that time. At least a dozen reasons can be called for the fact that in July-August it is worth going to Denmark. Although the rest of the time, this country is great for relaxation.

Choosing tours to Copenhagen in the summer, you can have a great time. Firstly, it is worth going for a walk in the gardens of Tivoli, which have been considered one of the local attractions for more than 150 years. The cozy atmosphere of the middle of the 19th century is visible here literally at every step-the old Ferris wheel has been preserved, in the willow grove you can enjoy the sounds of the serenade, and at the Tivoli theater to see a retro-ballet or pantomime performed by Pierre. At the same time, the gardens have the most modern attractions, and excellent cafes, and restaurants.

Again, in the warm season, it is very pleasant to ride through the channels, it is not for nothing that many tourists say that Copenhagen resembles Venice. Small walking yachts and boats slide over the water surface, allowing you to admire elegant houses built along the embankments.

Accordingly, you can go to the city beach by making a short trip by car. Just a few kilometers from the central part of the city there is an excellent recreation area with beaches covered with white sand, to which dunes are descended, in some places overgrown with grass. True, water is not always pleased with high temperature, but you can sunbathe here no worse than in Turkey. But you can swim in an open pool in Brygge Havnebadet, where water is not colder in the summer +20. There are two children’s pools: one with a depth of 1.2m, and the second is “frog” for babies, where water does not reach a five -year -old child and to the waist.

Hungry, you can taste sweet puff buns, which are called “Viennese bread” here. The only line in Copenhagen is built in front of the bakers in anticipation of fresh spirals, curls, envelope and eights, just melting in the mouth. The most famous focus bakery is La Glace, in which all pastries are made according to recipes of 1870.

Summer is considered an excellent time for shopping in the huge shopping center Illums Bolighus, where you can buy many useful and beautiful things and just admire the ideas of Scandinavian designers.

You can see the city from a bird’s eye view from the Observatory window built in the middle of the 17th century. Climbing the spiral staircase, you will be rewarded with the magnificent panorama of Copenhagen.

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