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The largest TV screen installed in Texas

by marusia

Environmental solutions have long been a key trend in the high-tech market, but when it comes to records, all this idealism fades into the background.

So in the US state of Texas, they decided to build the world’s largest television screen, what kind of ecology can be here! The project was called Big Hoss TV.

The project was developed by Panasonic engineers, they really did not waste time on trifles, like the customer. This LED screen is 64.45 meters wide and 28.83 meters high. It turns out that this display has almost the same height as a seven-story building, and its length exceeds the Boeing 767. So what kind of ecology can be here!

Panasonic Big Hoss TV screen size is 2852 inches. On an area of 1917 square meters, there are 4.8 million LED pixels capable of displaying up to 281 trillion colors. At the same time, the width of the viewing angle of this display is 140 degrees, and a team of five people is required to control this giant. And finally, Panasonic engineers took into account the geographical features of Texas, the Big Hoss TV screen is able to withstand winds up to 192 km / h, that is, a real hurricane.

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