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Many parents, having survived a period of diapers, turn to miniature pots to facilitate the process of defending their child. Kids like to feel like a full owner of their own pot. It is easy for a child to choose a place for his little assistant and easy to sit on him. As a result, the baby understands that with his urgent problems he can be scorched on his own. However, weaning a little man from a pot and accustoming to the toilet it will be quite difficult. A new friend is afraid of children, which climb much harder than a favorite pot. It’s still hard for them to wash away. Therefore, kids refuse toilet in favor of a pot, and parents have to endure an unpleasant odor in the apartment for a long time and regularly wash the pot.

Large toilets scare a little man, especially with a loud drain of water. They look bulky and frightening. But the modern market is replete with children’s products with miniature sizes and comfortable seats. After the child grows up from diapers, experts advise not to teach him to a pot, but to a small children’s toilet. This will require a little more effort, because the baby must help climb the toilet and first hold it. The baby must explain that he will not fall and that it is not so difficult to use the toilet. Such works will not be in vain. The child at the end to learn how to cope with problems without outside help, and parents will not have to clean the unpleasantly smelling pot. In addition, after a children’s toilet, the baby will be much easier to get comfortable with an adult model. If parents plan to have a child, then they should think about acquiring a children’s toilet.

If the choice is made in favor of the pot, then it should be placed not under a children’s bed, but next to adult toilet. You can choose the right to provide your own child. We need to go shopping with him and familiarize with children’s models of toilets. Easier for those parents whose children are attended by kindergarten, where there is such a necessary subject. The child to learn to use the toilets in the garden and he will not be scared to sit at him at home. If the child has looked at the products you like in the store or he has the necessary experience, then the bathroom can safely be adapted to children’s needs. Many parents prefer to immediately accustom their child to an adult toilet with a special children’s seat.

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