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The most expensive SUV from Bentley

by texasnews

Bentley posted on the Internet the first photo of the latest SUV, which will be the most expensive jeep in the world. The company scheduled for this car for 2016. In the next few years, Bentley will invest about 790 million. pounds in developing new models and modernizing automobile production. The lion’s volume of these funds will go for the design of the car.

This image of the machine, of course, cannot disclose the entire volume of alterations that the concept -based EXP 9 F conceptual concepts was exposed to many motorists on their road to serial manufacture. However, many experts have already seen that the stylistically new British brand SUV could be a typical Bentley of the last time.

The basis of the Bentley SUV will be a new longitudinal-motor platform. A luxurious all-wheel drive will be equipped with a W12 biturbomotor and a powerful diesel engine, as well as a less productive, but most economical twinturbo-V8. A car is also expected to have a hybrid power plant with a possible recharge of a car battery from a standard household power supply. This model will begin to produce at the factory in Britain. The company plans to sell at least 3 thousand. cars per year (already collected more than 2 thousand. preliminary orders).

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