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The new Honda crossover marks in bestsellers

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A huge number of motorists who want to see themselves by the owners of the compact machine Honda Vezel in the back of the Parkustnyt, the company’s Japanese office was filled with their applications for the purchase of a car.

According to information published by the Japanese media, from December 19 to January, almost 25,000 inhabitants of the Japanese state reported on their desire to buy this beautiful car. Thus, daily employees of the automobile and production company received an average of 1,000 applications for the acquisition of the latest model with a high-grown body body.

In the Japanese state, the Honda Vezel model is sold with three possible equipment packages (X, Hybrid X and Hybrid X.L) and with a power unit, which consists of two installations. To choose from a motorist, they offer 1.5-liter gasoline power plant with a power level of 132 liters.With. and a 140-strong fuel-electrical device, the power of which is not reported. The drive to the front wheel axis is a standard solution, the all -wheel drive system is in the list of optional configuration.

In the Middle Kingdom, the cost of the basic version of the ideological successor Honda HR-V is just a little less than $ 18,000. In Europe, the sale of a new car starts only next year. But today it is possible to pre -order on the manufacturer’s website.

Automotive optics, even using modern materials – is quite vulnerable to various kinds of mechanical influences. The tinting of the headlights offered with a film significantly increases their survivability, without any interference for light flow. The process is fast and not at all expensive.

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