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Solaris: inexpensive sedan from Hyundai

by texasnews

Hyundai is actively testing its novelty, which, according to forecasts will become the cheapest car in the line of the Korean manufacturer from the sedan series. The implementation of this car is scheduled for India. As for supplies to other fish, the information is not yet.

The sedan will be based on the Hyundai Grand i10 hatchback base, which was presented this year. This suggests that the machine will be equipped with two engines at the same time: a three -cylinder with a volume of 1.1 liters and an unit is more powerful than 1.2 liters. As for the transmission, here it will be represented again in two types – mechanical and automatic.

In the fall, Hyundai presented a brand new compact i10. This car, in comparison with its predecessors, has gained noticeable dimensions: its length increased by 88 mm, and width – 66 mm, the wheelbase became more by 5 mm. By the way, and the hetchback height became less than 50 mm. The design of special changes has not transferred. Only a bumper, optics and cast discs have changed. Plus, the car gained a new hood relief and other doors molding.

Today, among the most affordable for Russians, Hyundai models are considered to be hatchback and Solaris sedan. Hatchback can be purchased from 459 thousand rubles, and the sedan – from 455 thousand rubles. These cars have a choice of two gasoline engines of two types of transmission.

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