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The traffic police began hunting for pedestrians of “violators”

by texasnews

On this day on July 16, in Moscow, the local traffic police department, a raid was held to identify pedestrians violating traffic rules.

This event was called the “pedestrian”, it was held throughout the capital.

The official website of the department reports that the main task of such raids is to ensure preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of an accident, the participant of which can be a pedestrian. They are primarily aimed at arousing mutual earnest and compliance with traffic rules, which should increase the overall level of security on the roads of the city.

Great attention is paid to traffic police officers, who, crossing the road in the place forbidden for this, in addition to gross violation of the rules, are dangerous, both themselves and drivers of cars passing by. Communication with such people are exclusively explaining in nature.

The last such event in the capital was a raid, which was held about six months ago. The result of the operation was the identification of 1604 cases of violation of traffic rules by pedestrians, in addition, 707 fines were discharged unscrupulous drivers.

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