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Toyota stops the production of EQ an electric car, part 2

by texasnews

In fact, the reasons that Toyota does not want to develop electric vehicles at the moment can be much easier. The EQ electric car, closed by recently, is just a modified version of the city double car of the Scion IQ brand. The presentation of the latest prototypes FT-EV and FT-EV II in 2009 did not make the desired result to the world public, which, probably, made the developers think about their profitability. The experimental model was not competitively capable, the maximum distance passing by a car without recharging was less than 100 kilometers. Now Toyota has only one full -fledged electric car in the Arsenal, and this is RAV4 EV, which Tesla Motors engaged in the full development of. Its creation was carried out only for a show so that such an auto giant as Toyota could declare the preservation of nature and create an environmentally friendly car. There is no need to talk about the commercial success of these electric vehicles. For 3 years, Toyota was able to sell only 2600 100 EQ and RAV4 EV . Things to implement hybrid sales plans are not so good. Only 35-40 thousand were sold. cars, which amounted to only 20% of the planned norm. So the refusal to implement the project for the release of electric cars by Toyota, in the fullest expected event in the light of the company that has befell the company. You are interested in available? Details on the site:

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