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Skoda continues the Monte Carlo series

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2 more models from the Skoda auto company complemented the special series called Monte Carlo, which was dedicated to the 100-year exit of the Czechs in the prestigious rally of the same name. It should also be noted that the 1st novelty was a special version of “Citigo”. The body of this hatchback is painted red with black lines on the rear spoiler, trunk doors and roof. Black mirrors and 17-inch “casting” complement this picture. We also add that the 2-color concept “Skoda” is continued in the interior of the model, namely in the design of rugs and seats. Already in the standard hatch is equipped with a leather three -spoke steering wheel, from where it is possible to control the audio system. Announcements like buying a motorcycle, a new car and so on you can see on many Internet sites.

Another model from this series is a crossover called “Skoda Yeti”. This car also received a two -tone body and the latest cast discs, and in addition – bixenon optics, metal overlays on pedals, sports seats and rails. It is also worth saying that the equipment of the Yeti model corresponds to the “average” configuration of a car called “Ambition”.

The client can calculate the on -board comprehensive compartment, fog lights and LED lamps in the stern. The list of electric currents contains cruise control, ABS and a system that insures when moving uphill.

The next “guest” of this program will be a model called “Rapid Spaceback”, the release of which is scheduled for the fall of this year. In 2013, in the framework of this series, the auto company presented the hatch “Fabia”.

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