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Wedding dress is not like everyone else

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If young people really want a wedding, it is not at all necessary to spend a lot of money on holding a celebration. Even with a small budget, a wedding event can be organized in an original and unusual so that joyful memories remain about it for a long time. The script can be any, only the tastes and addictions of the newlyweds should be taken into account. It can be a ball or rocker holiday stylized under the old days. As soon as you decide on the style, it is necessary to solve the next question about clothes for the main participants in the celebration, groom and groom and groom and groom. More precisely, all the same for the bride, men do not have many options for manifestation of imagination. And the bride’s outfit will set the tone for the whole holiday.

If you want to hold a wedding in retro style, a magnificent modern wedding dress with a large neckline is unlikely to fit into the script. It will be more appropriate to wear a long, closed dress with a not too voluminous lace skirt and a beautiful train. From accessories – gloves and an umbrella from the sun. Sometimes in grandmother’s chests, maybe there will be a couple of vintage dresses there. Of these, you can build a real masterpiece in retro-style. Wedding fashion does not dictate its rules, dress what you like.

If young hip-hop wedding or a rocker party is supposed to your young, a shortened wedding dress will be appropriate for the bride, let him have a train on the back or an asymmetric skirt.

Ethnic style weddings are now very popular, all designer wedding collections today represent models in national styles. Pay attention to the batik – the eastern technique of manual painting on the fabric. The dress of even the simplest style from such fabric will look very impressive and advantageous.

Choosing a style for a dress, first of all, you need to focus on the features of the figure and tastes of the bride. She should feel in a wedding outfit absolutely confident, otherwise, whatever the wonderful wedding, she will seem tedious and long. Before planning an unusual, original wedding, it is worth consulting with a stylist who will tell you, an outfit of which style and style will favorably emphasize the dignity of the girl’s figure and hide her shortcomings.

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