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Seat is ready to imagine a new station wagon

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As you know, over the past few months, SEAT has been conducting special testing its Leon Cupra car modified in the direction of increasing the power of the car. It is worth noting that this vehicle will most likely be officially represented in early 2014. However, any more detailed information about this model is still under secret.

Moreover, the world -famous car concern has already begun to conduct thorough tests of another sample belonging to the CuPra series, this time we are talking about the latest universal. Note that you can find out more detailed information about this car, as well as about other innovations of well -known automakers on the Bibipedia website.Info using social networks for this.

Of the available photos of this vehicle, some conclusions can be drawn. Firstly, it will be equipped with rather wide wheels, and the brake system will have reinforced nodes. In addition, it immediately catches the eye that the universal suspension was maximally reduced, which is not typical for these models. Experts also noted that the sports orientation of this car is emphasized by the updated exhaust system, which was equipped with two pipes.

It is currently impossible to say anything specific about the interior of the car interior, but the data about the motor has already become known. As planned by engineers, the station wagon will be equipped with a two -liter engine with four cylinders. The aggregate capacity of the unit will be 240 horsepower.

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