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This car can be said that it sets new standards in its car class. He attracted a lot of attention even before his appearance. This very powerful and no less modern car is always ready to rush along different roads in different countries. Even once to look at him and it is already clear that this is one of the most striking phenomena in the class of compact cars. Here you need to highlight, its characteristic radiator grille and the most unique unique design of its hood. We also see that there is an ergonomic salon, because in this model every detail seems to you that you have a unique car in front of you. The feeling that a unique car will never leave you before you. But also here are great running qualities. In this new modification of this car, changes became noticeable not only in its external unique already form, but also this model became more muscular. This car has a powerful heart that wants to break out. This car wants to admire the clock. Under the hood of the Audi A3, you can use a variety of gasoline and diesel engines. They are here from 1.2 liters with volume and up to 2 liters, respectively, and power from 105 to 200 liters.With. Audi cars are a real symbol of reliability and comfort. High -quality, we recommend that you contact specialized technical centers for the diagnosis and repair of Audi cars. Look at the site

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