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Peugeot announced the European price tag for 108

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French automakers have announced the market output of the latest compact hatch “Peugeot 108”. The model, which is the successor of the baby 107, debuted in early March – at the Geneva Auto Show. It was based on the same chassis as in a hatch called “Citroen C1 ″.

It should also be noted that the main competitor of the novelty is the German car called “Volkswagen Up”. The European price from Hatch in the basic configuration turned out to be approximately the same – about 10 thousand. Euro. We add that the first cars buyers will see this summer already this summer.

Compared to VW, the French car was 7 centimeters shorter. But he “overtook” his predecessor in the dimensions, and at the same time managed to throw off approximately 35 kilograms of extra mass. The weight of this machine is 840 kg, which makes it one of the lightest in its class. View tickets to the traffic police for category in you have the opportunity on many sites on the World Wide Web.

The basic hatch has a three -door body and gasoline ICE V3 1.0, which at the limit of its power is able to give out 69 “horses” and operates in pairs with the checkpoint “Mechanics”. The list of equipment in the “Base” includes “music” with AUX and USB connectors, multi -line, ESP, ABS and central castle. A set of six airbags is responsible for passive safety.

The top versions of this model are produced in a five -door body and are equipped with a gasoline engine V3 1.2, which issues 83 “full -fledged horses”. Here you can count on cast discs, foglight headlights, a non-clues system and climate control.

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