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Clinker tiles for the facade

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Not a single construction is complete without decoration. The modern market is saturated with various materials. But, among them, clinker tiles are especially popular. Most often it is used for external wall decoration.

Clinker tiles are chosen for its appearance, as well as for practicality. Clinker tiles are made of certain varieties of clay, fluxes and coloring substances. It is important to note that for the entire production process, the tile is burned only 1 time. Production technology provides for pressing mixtures, in other words, this process is called extrusion.

Advantages and disadvantages of clinker tiles

The fact that clinker tiles are so much in great demand, you can explain its advantages:

Resistance to chemical elements and ultraviolet. Do not worry that after a few years, clinker tiles will lose its appearance due to the effects of direct sunlight. It is able to preserve its paramount view for several decades.

Practicality. Clinker tiles are made of high -class materials, so it will not begin to wash, or crumble.

Water resistance. Tiles are resistant to various weather conditions. Do not worry due to the fact that it can deteriorate from wet weather. She does not miss moisture, which means that mold will not begin to appear under it, or some bacteria.

Easy installation. It is very easy to work with clinker tiles. Its surface is flat and smooth. In order to make the finish of the house, it is not necessary to be a professional builder. Any man can cope with this task.

But, at the same time, clinker tiles have a number of disadvantages that are worth paying attention to. The first thing that scares away the potential buyer is its cost. Its cost is significantly different from ordinary ceramic tiles. It is also quite fragile, so you need to work with it carefully.

Types of clinker tiles

Clinker tiles can be used not only for exterior decoration. There are several more ways to use. But, for each case, you need to use a certain type of tile. There are such varieties of clinker tiles as:

Technical – use for decoration of street roads and gender in various buildings.

Facing – they spread the walls or floors of a residential building with it.

Waterproof – the best option for decorating hydraulic buildings.

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