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The new Maserati will be called Levante.

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The new Maserati will be called Levante

The new Maserati sedan, which is allegedly going on sale in 2015, probably the manufacturer will call Levante. It will not be a change in the large Quattroporte, but simply by expanding the model range of the company.

The fact that Maserati is the time to take up the creation of new models, they have been said for a long time. After all, over the past year, Italians sold only 6159 cars. Not much even for such an enterprise as Maserati, because, for example, Ferrari cars are sold than more. This is what listened to the reason for making a decision of Maserati in the coming years to replenish the model range with new cars that will bring sales to a completely new level – approximately 20,000 cars a year! First, the appearance of the Kubang crossover is supposed (the concept of this model was presented in the Frankfurt car dealership). And then the appearance of Levante sedan is expected.

Presumably the length of this model will be approximately 4.9 m. That is, it will compete with such models as the BMW 5 series, Mercedes-Benz E-class, Audi A6. Most likely, not only branded V8, but also a small six -cylinder engine with a boost will include the Levante equipment. The power of such a motor will be approximately 280-300 liters.With. For Maserati cars, this is not a very big figure (now cars of this brand have a minimum of 405 liters.With.But with the V6 engine it will be possible to interest customers with a very pleasant price – approximately for the basic configuration of 60,000 euros.

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VAZ 21214I, 2008

Price: 190,000 rub.

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