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Luxurious hybrid BMW 7? Part 1

by texasnews

Now the number of hybrid cars is constantly increasing. The BMW concern did not stand aside from this trend. The concern has established the production of a representative class of a hybrid car of the seventh series Activehybrid. The appearance of a hybrid car is not much different from the usual seven. Almost by eye you can see two main differences – 19 -inch wheels specially designed for this model and a new Bluewater color – metallic. The designers of the concern calculated that the new disk design will not only give the machine an unusual appearance, but also significantly improve the aerodynamics of the entire body. Especially for ActiveHybrid, a unique painting of the car body was developed. The rest of the hybrid is no different from the usual seven. They scare you ? Details on the website of the power unit of the machine have a gasoline eight-cylinder V-shaped engine (4.4 liters), which is capable of developing power to 465 forces with the number of revolutions in the range from 5500 to 6000 per minute. When starting, the machine receives an additional torque from an electric motor with a capacity of 62 kW, which eventually gives almost 700 nm. The combined work of two power units allows you to disperse the car to the first hundred kilometers per hour in 4.9 seconds. This indicator differs from the standard seven by 0.3 seconds for the better. Saving fuel helps the start-stop system. It dramatizes the engine at short stops, for example, at a traffic light or in city traffic jams and then when the gas pedal is pressed quickly, it quickly starts it. The whole process is almost not noticeable for the driver and the dynamics of the car does not suffer. In the city, the car will consume no more than 12.6 liters, and on suburban routes only 7.6 liters per hundred kilometers of the way.

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