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The main advantages of PVC panels for walls

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In modern design, plastic panels are a rather popular way of wall decoration. Inexpensive panels are installed relatively easily and allow you to create an absolutely seamless plane. Despite the fact that there are both supporters and opponents of the use of this material, most builders note many advantages of PVC panels over other finishing materials. In our article we will dwell in more detail on each of the advantages of PVC.


Polyvinyl chloride is high -quality plastic that does not contain any harmful or toxic impurities such as asbestos or cadmium. In addition to this, modern production technologies are not only safer, but also easier, so the cost of plastic only decreases over time.


A variety of PVC panels on the shelves of the Stage Stores as well as the ability to independently design any drawing for panels give customers a huge selection. And you can use the panels anywhere: both in the office and in any room at home or apartment.

Plastic allows you to create your own design

Using the thermal printing on the PVC panel, you can apply high-quality images or 3Ds, or, for example, you can paint the plastic in any color you need.

Plastic is suitable for problem areas

Such places are sometimes called “incompletely”. Various niches, complex corners, zagulas and other architectural omissions can easily be turned into something more interesting and attractive. The plastic is easily processed, so when installing panels, the number of design solutions usually depends only on your imagination.

Plastic withstands large loads

Despite the apparent external fragility of the material, the plastic is quite durable. One panel can easily withstand the weight of a large picture in a heavy frame. Any brackets, mounts, curtains can be safely hanged on plastic panels. As the manufacturers themselves say, if the panel is pierced with a needle from top to bottom and insert a straightened paper clip into the hole, it will master about 1-3 kg of cargo. For each plastic board, 2 such punctures are permissible.

Plastic panels – durable building materials

In such adverse conditions as increased humidity, heat, frost, sharp temperature changes (that is, in the bathroom, on the balcony or in the kitchen) panels of polyvinyl chloride last 10-12 and even more years. The main thing is to occasionally take care of the panels, wiping them from dust.

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