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Audi A3 Sportback.

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This car can be considered unique in its class. It is almost the only five -door hatchback that has the character of a sports coupe. Audi A3 Sportback produces a dynamic design and engine with a decent capacity of 250 liters.With here you can still choose various modifications in a wide variety of trim levels. This all guarantees you maximum uniqueness and an individual approach to your choice. At the same time, you will receive maximum pleasure and comfort while in this car.

Differences in modifications

It is very easy to distinguish from its three door modifications from the side, but also for the larger length and of course by the number of doors. The radiator grille is specially extended to the very bottom of the bumper, as this is done on older models, but the rear optics of this car resembles in its unique configuration, lanterns such as A4 or A6. But it is worth noting that the base here is the same as the three -door and the interior is also the same. In the cabin, it is worth noting that a good selection of various materials and the very high accuracy of the entire salon is very high. Already all this puts this model on a high step in the hierarchy of cars of this class. You can also notice that the design is very well corresponded to the high dynamics and the elegance inherent in this model of elegance. There is also a very large selection in different trim levels due to what you can get an individual car suitable for you. Designers of this company are always trying to take a step ahead, unlike others. We offer quality . Look at the Autocar website.SPB

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