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Clothing styles in which are rarely dressed

by texasnews

We all know such styles as classics, sports, business, but besides them there are also a number of other, almost no one unknown. And the people who dress in them look wonderful and we think that they wear something, if only they would pay attention to them. But if you understand the styles and dig deep, it will become clear what style of clothing this or that person answers.

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Bohemia style. More than once heard the phrases of a bohemian image, most often it is inherent in creative people, which combine in well, practicality and originality. There are extremes such as gypsy skirts, clothes with hippie drawings, for women it is relevant to look like men, thus showing what they are for equality. In this style, the emphasis is put on convenience. You can wear a dress on the floor with sneakers, sweater and skirt, jeans and jacket. All clothing can be loved by drawings and flowers. This style requires attracting attention with accessories. They can be dressed at once a lot. Accessories of Hendmade are especially well combined with such clothing.

Avangard style. It is characterized by vivid images. Such risky coloring such as Neon, the splendor of the cosmic here is only welcome. You can combine incompatible fabrics of the Atlas and velvet type, suitable decoration of leather and decorate all this miracle with feathers of various birds. Only brave people who want to stand out from the crowd can wear this. Humps or high hairstyles will complement the image well.

Grange style. Mainly teenagers dress in this style. After all, this style is a challenge to chic clothes. Representatives of this style wear shabby jeans, linen shirts, and all the clothes are wrinkled and does not look neat.

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