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ExxonMobil increases capacity in Texas

by marusia

American ExxonMobil announced that it has commissioned a new oil distillation unit with a capacity of 250 thousand b/d at its oil refinery in Beaumont (Texas).

As a result of the expansion of production, the total refining capacity increased to 630,000 b/d, which made the enterprise one of the largest refineries in the United States. Investments in the project, the implementation of which began in 2019, amounted to $2 billion.

“The refinery is connected to ExxonMobil’s pipelines in the US Permian Basin, which provides the company with significant strategic advantages. Permian oil is processed at the Beaumont plant, where the company produces (…) diesel, gasoline and jet fuel. With the completion of the Wink-Webster pipelines (Wink to Webster) and Beaumont, the new plant will have a good opportunity to use the isolated oil of the Delaware Basin,” Exxon said in a statement.

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