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The novelty of Sitroen-Sedan with the beautiful name S-E1uee-Corrected on the basis of the recently represented “four-door” Reideo! 301 Profile of the REIGEOI machine and CIAGOOPOP seem to be almost doubles. However, the front and back of the C-Eiuze were resolved in a recognizable style. So, the front wings have forms familiar to the premium 054. Lighting technology, the front air intake and the radiator grille of the new sedan look aggressive, and the compass roof and the curved line of the lateral stamping-Yarko and expressively. In technical terms, the aforementioned re-re-re-re-re-re-301. It has approximately the same dimensions (4430 × 1 700 × 1470 mm) and a wheelbase 2650 mm. Moreover, if, by the length and wheelbase, the novelty was “reached” to the “golf”-class, then the distance from side to side is not so large (for comparison: the width of the model C4-1789 mm). But the trunk is roomy-506 l. S-eiusee sales will be global. In Russia, the French sedan debuts in the first half of next year. The motor line for our country will include two gasoline engines with a volume of 1.2 and 1.6 l with a capacity of 72 and 115 liters.With. respectively.

If you need high-quality repair of cargo tires in Moscow, then visit the first engine is combined with a mechanical and robotic KP, the second, “Mechanics” and “Automat”. The release of the “four -door” will be commissioned at the factory in the Spanish Vigo, where the subop -former Reіga 301 will also be produced.

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