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How to drive a car in winter correctly?

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First of all, you need to check the car. It will take up to two days. • You need to replace the tires with winter. • Make pressure in the tires less. • if possible, check whether the brakes are evenly valid. • Check that motor oil is suitable for the weather, including temperature. During frosts, it is best to use synthetics, it has less viscosity. • You need to replace the liquid to wash the glass with the winter version, this can be done by breeding in the desired concentration. • You still need to check the antifreeze, it should be transparent, bright green, bright pink or bright blue. • The rear lights and headlights should remain in excellent condition. • Protect rubber rugs with sides from salty snow and damp. • You need to adjust the head restraints on the seats. • In a cold, winter time, it is better not to put a car on a handbrake, as it can prohibition. • Washing a car is also not worth it, as the locks can prohibition, after which aerosols will not help, a hairdryer or a hot water circle will be able to help. • It is worth checking if you have forgotten the towing cable and emergency sign. If all this is done, then the car is in order. Statistics shows that accidents begin in the first days after snow falling, it becomes slippery on the roads, and drivers cannot cope with control. One of the first rules is the answer to the question: “How to drive a car in winter?»The speed of movement should be 10-12 km/h less than at any other time of the year, you need to ride smoothly, without sharp jerks, transmission must be switched as smoothly. You need to make more distance from the driving car ahead of about 2 times. You are interested in Daewoo spare parts? You can find them on the site

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