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How to properly carry out PRP therapy procedures: basic rules

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The vast majority of people take care of their appearance and health, using all available means and methods. One of the technologies that successfully combines treatment and beauty is PRP therapy.

Prp tubes are used for this. In them, a therapeutic drug, platelet-rich plasma, is prepared from the patient’s blood. This therapy is highly effective for many reasons:

  • triggers the process of attracting immune cells;
  • promotes activation of stem cells;
  • enables regeneration to heal damaged tissues;
  • promotes collagen synthesis;
  • produces bone mineralization and much more.

With the help of PRP therapy, you can not only restore beauty lost with age, but also health, since this drug helps in the treatment of many diseases from different fields of medicine.

The main role is played by platelets, as they have the ability to release regenerative products, causing damaged tissue to be restored, thereby smoothing out the appearance of acne, promoting the resorption of scars, etc.

How plasma is produced for the plasma lifting procedure

It should be noted that this procedure must be carried out only in medical organizations, since the plasma lifting process must be carried out by certified specialists.

During the production of the therapeutic substance, platelets are actively released and reach the desired concentration. By-products of the process, such as red blood cells and white blood cells, must be removed.

The patient’s blood is drawn from a vein. To obtain a full dose of the drug, a small amount is enough, from 10 to 15 ml.

The required amount of blood is placed in a PRP tube and inserted into a special machine with a centrifuge for further conversion. This takes no more than 3 or 5 minutes.

At the same time, a thixotropic gel is added to the test tube; it helps to separate “extra” components from the total mass of the resulting liquid by creating a kind of barrier. At the end of the process, a sterile medical preparation appears in the test tube, ready for subcutaneous injections for the purpose of rejuvenation or treatment of certain diseases.

Plasmolifting is a new step in medicine. The process is significantly simplified and safe for the patient, who receives a long-lasting effect at a relatively low cost.

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