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Texas Attorney General May Sue Biden

by marusia

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton intends to sue the administration of US President Joe Biden in connection with the illegal, from his point of view, signing of the law on the state budget for 2023 in the amount of almost 1.7 trillion dollars.

“Attorney General Paxton is suing President Biden and members of his administration for illegal signing and enforcement of the 2023 Consolidated Appropriations Act, which was the latest consolidated spending bill,”

Paxton noted that the US House of Representatives approved the budget in the absence of a quorum. This was “a flagrant violation of the US constitution,” he stressed.

“I am suing the Biden administration to stop this bill because it was not legally passed and is unconstitutional,” the attorney general said.

He explained that the passage of bills requires the “attendance” of at least half of the members of the House of Representatives. The budget was approved in December 2022 in the presence of less than half of the members of the chamber, most of them voted remotely, the Prosecutor General recalled. He added that in the absence of a quorum, one could only reschedule meetings to another day or “force absent members to attend”.

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