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In an effort to create uniqueness, uniqueness, comfort and, at the same time, to bring rationalism into your home sometimes has to resort to surgical methods in architectural redevelopment of apartments. Most of them, built in Soviet times, no longer meets the aesthetic and targeted requests of modern man. To create comfort and a minimum universal interior, you can resort to radical measures. With any approach, the apartment should remain cozy, bright and spacious. However, when removing the partitions, it is necessary to take care of the organization of the vacant space. Pay attention to the design of the apartments.

And in the classic interior of the “Stalin” and “Khrushchev” houses and in modern European there is a suitable application for a universal and functional rack playing the role of an extremely convenient storage system. The absence of a continuous wall in their design, the use of glass shelves in design will visually create the effect of lightness and transparency, will not create interference for the passage of light and at the same time divide the living area into several zones. A variety of design solutions and a variety of forms makes it possible to use them in any interpretation. In addition, the model equipped with wheels will allow you to change the situation in the apartment from time to time.

The rack used as a partition in the living room will separate the dining room from the recreation area. In the office, he, while performing the function of book shelves, will allocate a working area with a computer. If there is a small rack, it is convenient to place near the computer table, he organizes a workplace with paper, discs, books. In the nursery for the baby, he can perform the function of shelves for things and toys, and in a teenager for books and textbooks, and also separates the sleeping area from the game. The kitchen rack will give the interior of unusualness and will be able to replace standard kitchen modules, which will make your kitchen not only convenient, but also modern. Located in the hallway, he will allow you to compactly store many of the necessary things there: umbrellas, hats, scarves, shoes.

In the studio apartment or small-sized apartment, the main criteria for the location of the rack are: maximum unloading of space, conditional division into zones, performing the function of convenient storage of things. The best for this type of apartment interior is a rack with drawers below and open shelves at the top.

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