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Special signs will inform drivers about video cameras.

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Special signs will inform drivers about video cameras

Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree obliging the traffic police to install road signs informing drivers about the installed cameras of the control in certain sections of the roads.

Motorists have previously been indignant that the fixation of the violations occurs without their knowledge, and the traffic police, instead of the struggle for the safety of traffic, is engaged in a simple hunt for violators. The resolution provides that from July 2013, the plots where hidden cameras are installed will be equipped with a “photovideurication” sign. In addition to the established sign, the roadway will be applied on the roadway, duplicating the information of the sign.

Legislators believe that signs will force motorists to reduce speed in hazardous areas. However, some believe that this will harm in the fight against dashed. But after all, violation of the speed regime is far from the only violation that the cameras record. In Ufa with their help, departure to the oncoming lane, the intersection of a double continuous strip is fixed.

Ufa motorists several years ago turned to the traffic police of the Republic of Bashkortostan with a proposal similar to the resolution now adopted. The head of the republican department Dinar Gilmutdinov supported the idea, however, warning signs appeared not everywhere where video surveillance is conducted.

The State traffic inspectorate of Bashkortostan never made a secret about places where video control cameras are installed. Information about this is posted on the republican website of the traffic police.

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