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Texas producer Dave Hollis dies at 47

by marusia

On February 11, at his home in Austin, Texas, at the age of 48, Dave Hollis, an American actor, producer and writer, and former Disney distribution executive, “died peacefully”.

Hollis spent 17 years at Walt Disney Studios and in no small part helped the company break box office records in the industry, eventually rising to the presidency of Worldwide Distribution.

He left the company in May 2018 to move to Texas to become the CEO of Chic Media, a company founded by his wife, Rachel Hollis, an actress, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur.

It is noted that under the leadership of Hollis, his department led the studio to “unprecedented profits.” THR noted that, in particular, Dave played a key role in the success of the Star Wars reboot, the triumph of The Avengers and Black Panther.
The cause of death was not specified. The family statement only says that the artist had heart problems.

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