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Volkswagen Golf, part 1

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The seventh in a rank in the line of Volkswagenes became more solid and larger than the sixth. It became more spacious inside. The car purchased a new body. The platform is modular. What else is new in golf 7? Help from the test of the car in Italy. Volkswagen Golf ancestor of a whole series of cars Golf class. Engineers and designers are working hard on creating new versions of “golfs”. The rates are very large and the price of error is equivalent to the failure of the resident. Golf, in fact, an international standard of a whole class, a leader in the field of automotive industry. Golf again went away from the competitors overtaking him, raising the bar for rivals even higher. So the leader should behave in his class. That is why all modifications in the car are implemented so subtle that it is almost impossible to find them with an armed look. What can be said about the appearance of the seventh model? If you see a car in the city, you don’t understand at once, the new one is Golf or the sixth version. The car purchased a completely different body. The seventh craft of German engineers increased in length by 56 mm. The front axis of the wheels is put forward by 43 mm. The car base is increased by fifty -nine millimeters. Ah, the body of the new golf has become below the sixth model by twenty -eight millimeters. Such modernization of external parameters made it possible to increase the space inside the cabin. The salon really became more spacious. You can buy in Kyiv at competitive prices on the site: 130

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