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What will the new Fabia look like?

by texasnews

Fans of the Czech Skoda Fabia from now on can sleep calmly, because the journalists finally managed to find out everything about the appearance of a new car from this line. As previously expected, there were no large -scale changes. Traditionally, a manufacturer from Central Europe designed its car in the style of the latest Rapid and Octavia.

From the previous model, the new Fabia will differ in modified headlights, a radiator grille and, in general, a more sports appearance. However, do not forget that the journalists could not see the car completely without camouflage. As for the finish of the Fabia salon, the company promises that improved materials will be used.

According to information that British authors managed to get, a modified platform that has serious differences from the previous one will be used as the basis for the new Skoda. Earlier, information was published that the MQB platform for which the last Volkswagen Polo was created for the car will use the car.

It is known that a turbodiesel and two gasoline units with volume, respectively, 1.2 liters and 1.4 liters will include the machine line. Perhaps the company will add another motor and refuse RS – hot version of the car. The premiere of the car will take place in October, sales will begin in 2015.

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