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Parking will be monitored by electric cars

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Mobile sets of video and photofixions of violations of parking rules (Parraide and Parkon) will be installed with electric cars, which should partially replace cars that I use now Ford and Hyundai. This was stated by the head of the Department of Nature Management of the capital Anton Kulbachevsky, Moscow 24 reported.

According to Mr. Kulbachevsky, some ecologists believe that cars with gasoline engines, that they fix violations of the rules of the road, very often drive at low speed, and therefore pollute the environment: “In my opinion,“ Parkons ”do not really affect the road situation. , in the daytime, the speed of the general flow in the city center does not exceed 30 km/h, but they can be replaced in electric cars in the near future, and this is quite normal, ”said Kuliabchevsky.

His thought was also supported by the general director of the Moscow Parking Parking Space Administrator Igor Kuznetsov, who notes that it does not matter what cars will install photographs, the main thing is that he would be efficient and that he would work. What kind of models do they want to use is not yet clear.

It should be noted that earlier on electric cars they offered to peders the police and employees of the Russian Post. If duties can be canceled on electric cars, then the purchase of such cars can be quite profitable for the city authorities. Also in the near future, special parking lots for electric vehicles will appear in Moscow.

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