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Cadillac attracts cards

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The legendary American “Cadillac” pleased with the original concept. Those customers who decide to conduct a half-hour test drive of the company they like will be given a pleasant bonus in the form of a card for a hundred American dollars. If such a tester wants to purchase a car, then he can already count on a discount of one and a half thousand dollars. However, the action is valid only on the territory of the United States themselves.

Of course, the promotions also have their restrictions. For example, only those who have reached 21 years, and only one of the family members can apply for a test drive with payment. Of course, the volunteer must have insurance and driver’s license. It is curious that the company set the requirements for the car that the participant of the action should own: the machine should be released no earlier than 2004, and General Motors cannot be its manufacturer. A card with a gift whose duration will be half a year, it will not be possible to cash out.

America’s media say that the start of such an action is associated with a drop in car sales in the states as a whole and with a famous brand in particular. So, in the first quarter of Cadillac’s sales decreased by 7 percent, now in the premium segment the former leader is second to several competitors at once – the Japanese Lexus and the German giants BMW, Mercedes.

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