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Canning of fruits and vegetables at home

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August. On your table are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, apples, plums, zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant. Various aromatic substances give fruits and vegetables a particularly pleasant taste. Dishes with vegetables and fruits diversify the table, excite appetite, better absorb.

But an abundant autumn will pass, winter will come. Fruits and vegetables are difficult, and sometimes it is impossible to preserve for a long time. And here various ways to preserve them help, including the preparation of canned food in specially manufactured hermetically closed banks.

And experts advise to cut fruits and vegetables for canning with an electric knife, such as one that can be found out by the proposed link. This knife will never let you down, besides, it is much safer than ordinary knives.

Everyone who wants to prepare at home the jarly sterilized hermetically clogged canned foods should know that this requires attention, strict purity. Incorrect manufacture of canned can lead to unpleasant consequences.

The fact is that at cerebrores, products are processed at high pressure and high temperature. Everything is easier at home. Thermal treatment is usually carried out in open pots. In such conditions, part of the microbes and their disputes remain viable. Pathogenic microbes can further cause diseases. The disputes of microorganisms, multiplying, producing poisons and without oxygen are of particular danger.

Such is the causative agent of botulism – severe food poisoning, accompanied by damage to the central nervous system.

Propagating in conserva and developing toxin, the causative agent of botulism does not change the appearance and taste of the product. People who have eaten or only tried canned food, infected with a stick of botulism and containing it toxin, may not notice that the product is a poor -quality. Only vision of vision, double in the eyes, prolapse of the eyelids, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness of the voice, shakiness of the gait, appearing a few hours and even a day after eating, indicate poisoning.

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Based on material from the magazine “Health”

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