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On the rise in price of foreign cars in Russia

by texasnews

For no one is a secret that the Russian ruble has significantly fell in price over the past month. In this regard, the country has a widespread rise in prices for imported goods. Opel and Chevrolet cars were no exception.

According to dealer information, new prices will be valid since February 10. That is, if you planned to buy a car of one of these brands, you should hurry so as not to overpay. In addition, no one knows how much prices will increase. The car producer only informed about raising prices without saying the exact amount. It’s good that the price of trucks is still at the same level. News about trucks can be read on various sites to always keep abreast of new products and current prices.

It is worth noting that, despite the fact that 7 models of Opel and Chevrolet are gathering in Russia in St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad, their prices will also increase. The fact is that the Russian assembly is carried out from imported components. Thus, any jump in the dollar up can negatively affect the price for the final buyer.

Recall that price raising is planned not only for Opel and Chevrolet. Many manufacturers have already announced data on increasing prices. New prices were also announced. On average, the cost of imported cars increased by 50-80 thousand rubles. However, some models have risen in price by 100-200 thousand rubles. Only the cost of electric vehicles has significantly decreased due to the fact that the Russian government decided to remove all customs barriers. Now the price of electric vehicles does not exceed 1 million rubles.

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