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Waterproofing of the foundation

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How long the object will serve on the strength of the foundation. Therefore, its construction is given special attention and all details are taken into account. In order to create a full -fledged foundation, you need to spend a lot of effort, money and time. Often for the work of this type, professionals and specialized equipment are involved, mainly for these purposes a frontal loader is rented in St. Petersburg. But even this is sometimes not enough to call the work finished, because the foundation still needs to be protected from external and internal influences, such as groundwater, natural precipitation, condensate, etc. P.

In order for the result to live up to expectations, you need to follow certain rules and not be afraid to resort to consultations of specialists. One of the most important aspects of waterproofing work is the right choice of protective mixtures and compositions. It is important to ask for advice from professionals who will tell you about all the little things before starting work.

The most difficult foundation is built during the construction of brick and stone buildings, as they have a greater mass and more affect the base. Waterproofing must be carried out at a distance of 20 cm. The blocks themselves, from which the foundation will be erected best to wrap the roofing material and use bitumen mastics, which are cheaper than impregnation, but no less effective.

The foundation coverage is the highest quality cement, it is not easy to rule a good tone, rather it is an instruction for use. It is also recommended to include water -repellent impregnations in the composition of cement. After pouring, cement should be leveled and thoroughly dried. If there is not so much time, then you can use a construction hair dryer. After that, roofing ground is laid on the cement. All unprotected places should be covered with a special film.

In some cases, instead of roofing material, bitumen mastic is used. It is applied in several layers and ultimately should have a thickness of 1 centimeter. It is worth noting that for the best effect between the layers a special polymer film is placed.

In modern construction, special mixtures are used, which are directly added to cement, which makes masonry more resistant to water. To strengthen the existing foundation, special injections are used, but in this case you can not do without specialists, since you need to have certain knowledge and professional tools for work.

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