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Where to read news about Kharkov and Kharkov region

by marusia

Today, there are a lot of media, and it is difficult to find a reliable source of information. Many publications publish false data. Screaming headlines that attract readers do not always reflect reality. In this situation, regional newspapers that specialize in a particular area deserve more credibility.

One of these publications is “Slobidsky Krai” (aka Slobidskyi krai and SK), covering the news of the Kharkiv region.

Description and history

The publication focuses on current events in Kharkov and the region. It is not limited to the regional center, unlike many other regional publications, but pays attention to villages, urban-type settlements and small towns. You must have come across this phenomenon: if you google “Zolociv news”, there is much less information than when you search for “Kharkiv news”. Everyone is equal in SC

“Slobodskoy Krai” is a whole group of media. SK at the beginning of the 20th century was a printed newspaper, however, with a different name. In 1991, there was a rebranding – the publication became the Sloboda Territory. Since 2012 the project has received its own website; the unified newspaper split into several separate products. Today it is a printed newspaper, its electronic version (both are sent by mail, only the first by regular, and the second by electronic). In addition, there is a news portal with breaking news and social media pages where information is also published. These products cannot be called full clones, so even if the reader is subscribed to several branches of the project, they will be equally interesting. But usually different “lines” are preferred by people of different generations.


The main advantage of Sloboda Krai is its independent position. The publication belongs to the independent media and in fact the power over it is in the hands of the editorial board. This allows the UK to take a neutral stance and treat the news in a truly objective way. Sloboda Krai does not represent the interests of businessmen and politicians. The news is not distorted.

The reliability of information largely depends on the sources. The IC is doing great with this: the editorial staff closely cooperates with local authorities and representatives of local self-government. Thanks to this, Sloboda Krai receives the most recent and reliable facts. Many news come from the readers themselves, and some of the publications are the result of journalistic work. Of course, all data is carefully checked.

“Sloboda region” is not limited only to Kharkov, and this is an indisputable plus. His website publishes news from Merefa (today Merefa news is especially popular), Krasnograd, Valki and other places. Even residents of small villages will find interesting things. Sloboda Territory treats everyone equally.

In addition to the latest news, the site publishes a variety of useful tips and life hacks. They are especially useful in our difficult times.

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