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An image of the new “Lada” 4×4 appeared on the network

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Several images of the Lada 4 × 4 latest generation appeared on the network. Carobka magazine, referring to AvtoVAZ designed by AvtoVAZ design, reports that this appearance will have the following product of the enterprise. The manufacture of the car starts in 2017, and the start of the sale is scheduled for 2018.

There is no official data about the car yet. The model can have both a completely new platform and a strongly modernized current chassis. It is planned that the car will expand in size, in particular, with a longer rear overhang.

Power units of the model will comply with the ecological standard “Euro-5”. The car can also have an automatic gearbox, but such a modification will be made only in that situation, “if you manage to save a number of off -road properties of the option with“ automatics ”at the required level”.

Soon it will be as simple as buying a car as buying new cars on the site.

They plan to save the price of a new car in the same segmentation. The acting generation model has a 1.7-liter engine with a power level of 81 lots and a five-speed “mechanics”. The cost of a three -door version of the car starts from 354 thousand Russian rubles.

It was previously said that in 2015 a new version of Lada 4 × 4 will appear in the markets, which will be equipped with a four -cylinder motor from Priora, deformed from 98 to 90 horses. A modernized car will also have a new subframe and steering rack, which will be borrowed from Renault Logan.

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